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Escape Room Brussels


- How do I pay?

Cash payment is the only accepted form of payment.


- What sould I wear during the game?

We don''t have a dress code, but if you have the opportunity to change your suit to something else, then do so! 


- Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, please send us an e-mail with the data of your game or you can forward your confirmation e-mail to our e-mail adress ( and we are going to cancel your booking.


- I am under 16 years old, can I play anyway?

The only way to play for you is if you bring a family member with you over the age of 18.


- We would like to play but we are too many, what should we do?

If you are more than 6 persons you can create two teams and play in the same time in both of the rooms with maximum 10 people.


- We are a company!

The companies are highly welcome in this games. You can try how can you cooperate each other and are you able to work like a real team. If you would like to play as a company or have any special request contact us before your reservation and we''ll find the way out.
No problem if you are more than 10 people, because we are in connection with the other escape rooms in the same street! Up to 20 people can play in the same time in different rooms.


- What if we are late to the game?

If you are late every other teams are going to be delayed after you. If the game can''t start on time then we have to reduce your time... so do your best to be in time!


-What language should I choose?

The "Z" Room is available in three languages: English, French, Hungarian. But do not worry about this because it''s not the main part of the game. We advise your entire team to select a language which is understandable for everybody. If you don''t have a common one, somebody can translate the few sentences for the others.
The Resident Evil Room has no text so don''t have to worry about the language.


- How do I make reservations?

You can do it on our website up to one day before your appointment takes place. If you want to make a reservation on the current day, then you can only make reservations by phone.


- Do I have to separate any parts of my body?

Of course not. But the surgery room will be coming up shortly ;)



If you still have any unanswered questions, don''t hesitate to send it to us via the following e-mail address: quarantine @, or give us a call: +32471753917