The Maffia Room

You can sneak into the office of the rival mafia gang's boss. The aim is to get information of his network while he's away...


This room is for beginners or small teams!
Team members: 2 - 3 (max 4)


An abandoned cellar appears in front of you. When you enter only darkness greets you. This is a restricted area and do you wanna come in? Don't forget once you are in you can not just walk away. We'll lock the door behind you. All you need to succeed is your cold blood. Even if you work together, the time is working against you... so you better keep one eye on the clock, you've got 60 minutes to find the cure and save yourselves!


This room is for experienced players or bigger teams.
Team members: 3 - 5 (max 6)

  • Rooms 2.