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Terms and conditions

 Conditions of participation

1)      Everyone is involved in the game at his/her own risk.

2)     Required minimum age to participate is 14 years. Between the ages of 14-18, the users can participate only if accompanied by an adult person.

3)      It is prohibited to participate in the game under the effect of alcohol or any other mind-altering substances.

4)      Relation to a delay 15 minutes lateness to the time booked the start of the game is no longer possible. In case of delay the time of the game might be reduced.

5)      The duration of the game is one hour.

6)     Video and audio recording during the game is strictly forbidden.

7)     Smoking is forbidden in the area of Quarantine.

Registration and booking

1)     Online registration for the participation of the game is a must.

2)     After the registration you are going to receive an auto-reply message with your reservation's data.

3)     With entering the game you automatically accept the terms and conditions.

4)     Your data won’t be disclosed to third parties.

Cancel of the reservation

Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Les frais une fois payés ne seront en aucun cas remboursés.

Vergoedingen die eenmaal zijn betaald, worden in geen geval terugbetaald.



1)     Online payment is the only accepted form of payment. If the players are less than it is in the booking, there is no money given back to the customer. If the players are more than in the booking the price for every additional person is 15 euro. It has to be paid by cash on site before the game.

2)     The price of the game might change it depends on rooms and periods.